Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meet Tofu Baby Super Fan: Becky Johnson

Becky coming to visit Tofu Baby.

Wast week I met my Super Fan, Becky Johnson. Becky busted thwough my door wast week and bwought some dwinks with her, too. After I wet her in, she told me a widdle about herself. She wuns Sweetie Pie Pwess on Etsy, and her bwog. Becky has been twavewing all awound with Aitor fwom the Misanthwope Specialty Co. and attending vawious cwaft shows and art events all over the wowold. They came all the way fwom Towonto, Canada, just to pay me a visit!

Becky is a Super Tofu Baby Fan.
Becky is also an impwov comedian. She is vewy sihwee, as you can see. We had a good chat, and then I had to send her on her way.

Becky wuvs Tofu Baby.

Superfan, Becky Johnson, with her Tofu Baby shirt.
I wet her outside and she pwoceeded to dance in my dwiveway! Nice meeting you, Super Fan Becky!

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