Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fwagpole Music Awards

pete and tofu baby!
Do you wemember I was a pwesenter at last year's Fwagpole Music Awards Show? I had a gweat time hanging out backstage with some of my favowite wocals. I was a widdle nervous pwesenting. I had a hard time weading my tewepwompter! I forgot my gwasses at home.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tofu Baby Meets Javi!

Our friend Javi
Heh-wo ev-wee-one, Tofu Baby here. I got a vewy nice picture to share today. This is from my fwend Javi who is eight years old. He made a perfect wikeness of me from paper and tape. How cwafty! I interviewed Javi and he was nice to answer me. Wet's see what he says...

What are some of your favowite foods to eat?

Noodles, tofu, cookies and cweem milkshakes (I'm a vegetawian)

What are your favowite hobbies?

Tae Kwon Do, building things, reading Tofu Baby, pwaying dwums, listening to REM and the Beatles.

What other comics do you wike besides my comic?

Calvin and Hobbes, Batman, Bone, Wolverine

Why do you wike Tofu Baby?

I wike Tofu Baby because she says "W's" - and she's funny.