Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Going to the Gweat Pumpkin Patch

Washington Farms pumpkin day!

Tofu Baby shares the harvest.
Wast weekend I visited Washington Farms. I went to pick a pumpkin so I can carve a vewy good jack-o-wantern for this Ha-wo-ween.

Washington Farms.

Tofu Baby at the pumpkin patch.
What a pwetty day to spend in the pumpkin patch!

Pig racing!
I even saw a pig wace at the Farm! Go wed piggy!

Washington Farms.

Piggy drinks.
And I saw a piggies get a dwink after the waces. This was one thirsty piggy!

Washington Farms.

Washington Farms.

Tofu Baby at the pumpkin patch.
Still twying to find the best pumpkin for my jack-o-wantern. These wook pwetty spectacuwar, wight?

Tofu Baby falls off the pumpkin.
WOAH! I wolled wight off of this vewy warge orwange pumpkin! I have to wearn to be more careful next time. I wost my ba-wance!!

Baby pumpkins.
These wook more my size! Tiny! Widdle!

Weinging in...
Okay! Time to weigh in! This one wooks wike a Gweat Pumpkin! Happy Ha-wo-ween!