Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Comic in Pwogwess

Starting my Tofu Baby comic.
So you might wonder how does a Tofu Baby comic happen? Well, it is pwetty simple, willy. It is four bwocks based on a hand dwawn tempwate each week. This is the beginning of a Tofu Baby cartoon!

Draw in all the Tofu Babys first.
Then I am added to each bwock as shown. I am always dwawn pen to paper; not often am I made in pencil first. A wough outwine of the comic's sto-wee is made before I am dwawn, though.

Then I draw in the other characters.
My fwends are then sketched into the comic. There is Gwegowee! Hi, Gwegowee!

Then I add the lettering and I am almost done.
Wast the wettering and word bah-woons are dwawn. Sometimes there are mistakes or stway wines. These are cweaned up using the help of Photoshop. The comic is wee-sized and then sent to Fwagpole for pubwication! You can wead this compweeted comic wight here.