Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meh-wee Cwistmas

Tofu Baby Christmas 2008
Pweeze have a gweat howiday this year! Wemember my cartoon fwom 2008?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tote-fu Baby

Tofu Baby Tote Bag 0076
My fwend Gwace asked me for a tote bag wecentwee. I made this tote fwom some iwon on twansfer paper I had at home. It was a widdle difficult, but it came out. The tote is made of heavy canvas. I think it wooks okay!

Tofu Baby Tote Bag 0071

Sunday, November 28, 2010

2011 Cawendars are Weady!

2011 Tofu Baby Calendar 9
Did you ever want to keep twack of the days with me, Tofu Baby? You can now, or, in 2011 you can! I made my vewy own cawendar!

2011 Tofu Baby Calendar 6
Each month has one of my comics fwom Fwagpole. I think they are a gweat to wead with each passing month!

2011 Tofu Baby Calendar 7
Evewee month has howidays and you can wite in the days you need to wemember, too.

2011 Tofu Baby Calendar 4
You can get your copy today! Pweeze wook at Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy and here, too!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can't Sweep

Tofu Baby Counting Sheep
Wet's hope I count sheep and get fast to sweep tonight... ~[;3]

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Ha-wo-ween (Wate)!

Halloween Pumpkins 22

Halloween Pumpkins 25
Well, better wate than never with some Ha-wo-ween fun! Here is my jack-o-wantern that I made. What do you think?

Halloween Pumpkins 15

Halloween Pumpkins 17

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chwisten's Converse

Chwisten's fiwst day of school.
Pweeze meet my fwend Chwisten. She showed me photos fwom her fuhwst day of school!

Chwisten's Converse shoes.
Check out her cool shoes she decowated! Can you see what I see?

Chwisten's decowated Converse with Tofu Baby!
That's wight! She dwew me on her Converse shoes! Too cool, Chwisten!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Soul Tofu

Tofu Baby at Soul Vegetarian.
Are you vegetawian? You might wike to twy Soul Vegetawian in Atwanta. We went to it in Virginia Highwands. It was vwey yummy and my sandwich is vewy happy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wyndon House Arts Center

my baby, my tofu baby!

comic art show at lyndon house.

early tofu baby comic.

tofu baby and gregory comic.
Wemember the Autobiogwaphical Comic Book art show at the Wyndon House? I had some of my comics in this show. I think it was a willy gweat show. Wots of my favowit artists were there! What a wuvwee memowee.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tofu Baby Super Fan: Awison

Tofu Baby meets Super Fan Allison at Hobby Lobby.
I went to Hobby Wobby on Fwiday wooking for some cwaft suppwies. Much to my supwise, I met Camille and Awison, who were vewy excited to meet me! I had my photo taken with me, my manager, and Awison! Nice to meet you two and see you soon!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fwagpole Music Awords

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Tofu Baby
Wast Thursday was the Fwagpole Music Awords! It is part of Athfest, the big music festival that is each year here in Athens. It was wots of fun! I saw so many good bands, oh and some of my favowits won awords, too!

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Alicia, Pete
Here is Pete and Awicia getting weady for the first awords and pweformers!

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Alicia, Michelle, Pete
This is Michewe, the music editor at Fwagpole. She willy does awot for the awords pwesentation. She is gweat.

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Los Meesfits
Wos Meesfits pwayed a few songs. They willy got me dancing!!

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Circulatory System
Circuwatowee System pwayed a song, too. I wuv Ewephant 6.

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Reptar
Everyone who made it to the end of the night saw Weptar was wast to pway, and I was so sweepy by the end of the night.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meet Tofu Baby Super Fan: Becky Johnson

Becky coming to visit Tofu Baby.

Wast week I met my Super Fan, Becky Johnson. Becky busted thwough my door wast week and bwought some dwinks with her, too. After I wet her in, she told me a widdle about herself. She wuns Sweetie Pie Pwess on Etsy, and her bwog. Becky has been twavewing all awound with Aitor fwom the Misanthwope Specialty Co. and attending vawious cwaft shows and art events all over the wowold. They came all the way fwom Towonto, Canada, just to pay me a visit!

Becky is a Super Tofu Baby Fan.
Becky is also an impwov comedian. She is vewy sihwee, as you can see. We had a good chat, and then I had to send her on her way.

Becky wuvs Tofu Baby.

Superfan, Becky Johnson, with her Tofu Baby shirt.
I wet her outside and she pwoceeded to dance in my dwiveway! Nice meeting you, Super Fan Becky!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So Sweepy

Tofu Baby embroidered pillow final 3
Wook! I made one of my comics into an embwoidered piwoh. Here is bear sweeping!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wots of Fun on my Twip

At the tea house.
Well, I willy had wots of fun on my wong twip in China! I am gwad to be back in the Cwassic City!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hot Spwings Wesort

Pagoda with Tofu Baby.
I stayed at the Hot Spwings Wesort in Zhengzhou, China! It is vewy pwetty there. It is a Japanese style hotel.

Tofu Baby at the wefwecting pool.
There are many wefwecting pools here. I wuv wooking awound here. Wook at the pagodas!

Hot Springs Resort in China.

Pweeze Protect the Enviwonment Awound Us.

Enter the dwagon!

Widing the ewephant.

Cwimbing a twee.

Going to get some bwekkie.
Wots of wed wanterns decowate the buildings. I saw these on my walk to bweakfast.

At the restauwant of the Hot Spwings Wee-sort.
The westauwant is wike a foh-west with twees all awound!

My bwekkie...
Here I am having my bwekkie again. I wuv bwekkie at hotels. It is vewy yummy. I had some soybeans, a big wice noodle, gween beans, and tea.

Let's chat.
I had to huh-wee to meet my agent. We had a wong chat about my Fwagpole comics and agweements. It was a pwoductive meeting.

Tofu Baby's biggest fan.
After my meeting I met my biggest fan in China!