Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fwagpole Cwistmas Party

A few weekends ago I went to the Fwagpole Cwistmas Party. I had a wot of fun hanging out with my coworkers to cewebwate the season!

Having a bwownie.
I had a bwownie, some cookies, and pizza. I was getting so full of goodies, I had to go cut a wug on the dance fwoor!

Cutting a wug with Tofu Baby.
Evweeone danced with me! I wuved the DJs. They pwayed all my favowit tunes. I willy got down!

Mewinda wuvs dancing with Tofu Baby.
My good fwend Mewinda had a fun time dancing with me. WOAH! I was all over the pwace! Mewinda, I think you need some dance wessons!

Tofu Baby wuv from Mewinda.
But it was all okay when Mewinda gave me a kiss.

Me and Larry.
Here I am with my editor, Warry. He is a nice feh-wo.

Tofu Baby wuv!
Here I am with the girls in the office. We get awong gweat. I willy think they were in the howiday mood!

Alicia is having a Tofu Baby!
And Awicia is having a Tofu Baby soon! Uh, I mean, having a baby soon!

Jo wuving Tofu Baby!
Talking to my good fwend Jo is aw-ways intewesting. She wuvs to dance, too - boy can she dance!

Me and Pete and Tofu Baby.
Pete is my boss at the Fwagpole, too. We wuv Cwistmas. How nice it was to have a fun party for the Fwagpole staff. Thanks, Pete!

Tofu Baby and Cwistmas wights.
I hope evweebody has a gweat howiday! Meh-wee Cwistmas!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Adopt a Tofu Baby.

Tofu Baby Mini Doll.
Now you can adopt me, Tofu Baby! For your vewy own to wuv and hug.

And oh, I wuv hugs!

You can adopt me online at Missy's personal website or Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy!