Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Visit to Hong Kong

Getting on Air Ko-wee-ah!
Wast month I visited Hong Kong. I was vewy busy and had some fwee time to expwore the city. It is a nice pwace and wots to see! Here I am at the airport weady to fwy!

Look at my airplane food! Go Air Korea!

My food on the way to Hong Kong!
Airpwane food is yummy!


Walking to the Star Feh-wee boat wide.
It is easy to twavel awound in Hong Kong. You can wide a bus, taxi, or wide the Star Feh-wee. The feh-wee boat is my favowit. Evweebody wines up and gets weady to board the boat. "Awl Ah-boawd!"

All aboard the Star Feh-wee!
This is the Star Feh-wee boat. I wike the gween coh-wor.

Widing on the Star Feh-wee is wots of fun.

Widing the Star Feh-wee.
It is fun to wide on the Star Feh-wee!

Hong Kong sky wine.
And the view is pwetty spectacuwar, too.

Hong Kong sky line.

Visiting Hong Kong!

Swo-wing in Hong Kong.
When I got off the boat, I walked awound some.

Cakes I saw while walking around Hong Kong!
I saw a cake that wooked wike me!

Hong Kong Zoo.
I went to see some fwowers at the Botanical Garden. It is vewy pwetty! I also saw some birds in the aviai-wee, and some monkeys in the monkey house.

Tofu Baby in the dwagon's teeth!
Ow! This dwagon was there, too. It sqwished me up! Hey, watch my behway!

Widing the Metwo.
Then I wode the Metwo cos I was vewy tired from so much walking.

Yummy macawons.
Had some wuv-wee macawons at the IFC! They were gweat fwavors wike waspbeh-wee, stwawbeh-wee, coffee, and chocowit. Yummy! They are fabuwous coh-wers, too.

Wight Vege-ta-wee-an Westauwant.
By this time it is getting wate! I saw the Wight Vegeteh-wee-an Westawant, but did not have time to stop in for a taste. Maybe next time!

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