Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tofu Baby Dahl

Tofu Dahl Baby at the Grit.
I went to the Gwit and I wuv having the Dahl Baby there. It has bwown wice, a yummy samosa, and some spwit pea soup, or dahl. It came to my table and had a dwawing of, well - ME!

Tofu Baby Dahl!
I was vewy pweezed to see my wikeness on a wuvwee bowl of soup.

Wow! The Gwit dwew me on my dahl!
It is nice to be a weg-u-war at one of my favowit wocal pwaces to eat. Uh, maybe this means I am a widdle too weg-u-war!

Now I think that dish should be wenamed to the "Tofu Baby Dahl"!

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